Foster City, California

"Foster City has a population of approximately 29,500 citizens living in more than 13,200 residential units. The City is rapidly nearing its projected population of 34,000 residents. In this planned community development has always been orderly and in accordance with an approved Master Plan, resulting in neighborhoods that age more attractively and in properties that continue to command or increase their value over time.

A planned community approaches development conceptually from an architectural perspective rather than a marketing perspective.

Planned cities typically develop around a predetermined population level that serves as the basis for planning the number of homes, shops and industries to be supported. This planned nature also allows neighborhoods to develop intact, purposefully avoiding the busy commercial throughways that commonly divide neighborhoods in other cities. Industrial development and even commercial development are kept separate from residential development, resulting in an enhanced quality of life for residents, the business community and visitors to the city.

Beautiful planned communities like Foster City, however, do not happen by accident. Civic-minded residents and business community members, dedicated local elected officials and responsive city employees all contribute to the distinctive spirit that residents, businesses and visitors to Foster City enjoy."

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